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If you want to have your say 

"The Alchemy EP works exceptionally well as an artistic statement; the four songs are great when you play them as individual tracks, but they also paint a picture when played together - preferably in order of appearance on the page. Lyrically I find them easy to relate to, while they also make me smirk (maybe even chuckle). Leap of Faith sounds more honest than anything I've heard on the radio or any playlist this week"

Peter - Stockholm, Sweden

"I like all the songs but I fell in love with Exaltation. The sound of your voice are incredible. The lyrics are very good too. Sorry for my bad English."

Anna - Olsztyn, Poland

"This EP definitely takes you on a journey! Each song has it's individul uniqueness, but when combined  together they work amazingly! Each track was easy to listen to and very relatable. My favourite song is Leap of Faith - beautful lyrics and melodic sequences throughout the whole track. Great work!"

Leah - London, UK

"My favorite song is Leap of Faith. It has got a good hook and it shows your voice range brilliantly, closely followed by alchemy"

Joyce - Northumberland, UK

"All songs sound great but my favourite is Better or Worse"

Gaby - Manchester, UK

"This is a magical EP. I'm truly thankful to have had it brought to me. The cover art for the EP is beautiful and the song 'Alchemy' was an amazing start to the EP, the musicality was fantastical. Also, 'Leap Of Faith' made me cry; an emotional and deep seated song. I was shocked by the lyrics of exaltation (in a good way) after 'Leap of Faith'. You have a beautiful voice"

Kima - London, UK

"I thought the whole of the alchemy EP was great but I especially liked Better or Worse, for me it was such a catchy tune and it just relates alot to my life. The animation on the alchemy was also great, I can't wait for more :)"

Poppy - Hampshire, UK

"It sounds excellent but my favourite song was Exaltation"

Erogena - Kurgen, Russia

"My favourite is Better or Worse!"

Morgan - Birmingham, UK

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